Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sipping tea in a beer guzzling world

My original idea for this blog was to find things to make every day a celebration. It's just a weird fascination of mine to discover holidays from around the world, and how people celebrate them. But it has never had to be something official like that. That is just fun for me, personally. However, I have so sorely neglected this blog for well over a year.

Hey, I have an excuse. Last year was a dumpster fire of a year. I don't know who first coined that term to apply to 2016, but I think it's pretty brilliant. There's even an ornament someone designed for it. Seriously! But on a more personal level, my dad died last year. I learned way more than I wanted on elder care (severely lacking, honestly), health conditions in general, and what it means to be an executrix. Mostly, how much death brings out the best and worst of people. Testify.

But then a new year rolls around, and everyone makes noises about being better. I know I do. I'm kind of notorious about resolutions. And I keep them. Mostly. Okay, kinda. So this year is no different. I was recently reminded about listing five things I'm grateful for every day. I think it was Sarah ban Breathnach that made that a thing? When you think about it, being grateful is a way of celebrating, amirite?

So here's my five things from last year and into this year that give me reason to celebrate:

1. My son and I have reignited our passion for finding old and often neglected cemeteries. We should probably dress in black considering how much we enjoy this. It's probably the history buff in both of us that drives us to seek these usually hard to reach places, but we do love doing it.

2. The Vikings. I watched the first episode when it first aired and never quite managed to get back to it. It kept creeping into my life last year, and I am lucky to have a friend who just so happened to have three seasons on dvd loaned them to me. Once I started watching I was HOOKED. Thank you On Demand and kisses to my dvr that allowed me to then watch the fourth season. I also can't stop playing the theme song. I'm waiting for my family to rebel. I won't lie, I'm listening to it right now.

3. Thrift shopping obsession. This is very likely a tribute to my dad, because it was something he and I liked to do together. We understood one another about this in a way that baffled my mom and makes my husband shake his head. I typically go once a week and often come home with treasures. See, I call it treasure hunting, but my dad called it junk shopping. Potaytoe, potahtoe. Just today I found some very cool wine themed stuff. Which leads into my next item.

4. Normally if I drink wine, it's of the dessert variety. Last year I decided I wanted to become more discriminating. At a thrift store, natch, I found a kit on hosting a wine tasting party. I'm not so much interested in the party part, as the items contained in the kit. Basically, score sheets for wine tastings. I never realized there was so much to wine other than smashed and aged grapes. Go ahead, call me a philistine. I own it. So, when possible, I sample different wines, attempting to differentiate the tastes and smells one from another. I won't say I'm getting good at it, but I am getting a little better. Now when I drink dry wine I don't make faces.

5. But mostly, and hence the title of this entry, tea. Last year I finally took the challenge a friend of mine gave me to post all of my tea mugs on my tea blog. You can find it here, if you are so inclined. I was surprised, not surprised, at how many tea mugs I currently own. My dining room is dedicated to all things tea. I drink tea every single day. Nothing (okay, that's an exaggeration, but you get it) makes me happier than a nice cuppa.

And those five things, for starters, give me cause for celebration. History, more history, shopping, wine, and tea. And politics. But I won't say more on that. ;)

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