Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's the small things

Yesterday when I posted a few things I'm grateful for, other things popped into my head. At random moments, which of course, isn't that always the way?

For instance, I can never get my husband to watch tv with me. Even things we've both enjoyed in the past, he's always noncommittal about it. With, lately, one rather fascinating exception: old movies. Like from the 30s and 40s black and white movies. I rented the entire collection of the movies The Thin Man, and we watched all of them together, often in our pajamas. Next he found - yes, he - I Married a Witch. Again, we watched in our pjs. It is kind of becoming our thing now. Watching movies at night in our pjs. He even bought popcorn for us.

The only other exception is, believe it or not, Godzilla movies. I'm not sure when that fascination for us began, but it's been years. Only recently, however, have we been buying the movies when we come across them. We've built a nice little collection so far.

I realize to many this may sound utterly boring. But for us, it's been a lot of fun. Our youngest even joined us for the Godzilla movie. That by itself was a rarity. He's often off doing his own thing, but that night he sat down with his old fogey parents and watched a monster flick.

Like I said, it's the small things. But they are cause to celebrate, just the same.

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