Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Room of One's Own Day

Today is A Room of One's Own Day. Many of us already have a room of our own, or if married like me, share one with a spouse. And while my husband doesn't much care how I decorate, sharing a room with him isn't quite the same as having one of my own.

But I do.

When my daughter got married and moved out, I took over her room. Well, sort of. I did claim it as mine, but it also became the room to hold other things, waiting for space. So it is mine, since no one else goes in there, but not how I want to decorate it just yet.

We've heard of mancaves and she sheds, but I prefer to call my room my playroom. I like to go in there, despite the limited space, and sit in my rocking chair and read. I burn candles or incense, prop my feet up on a little ottoman, and enjoy the quiet. I can shut the door if I choose to. I have a special little rattan chaise for my cats to lounge on. Even though they will eventually have to come down so I can paint, I have things hanging on the walls. I love being in there.

The idea for today is finding a space you can call your own, and decorating it in such a fashion that makes your heart smile. I know I will eventually be able to set my room up the way I want, and have the patience for it while I dream. I hope you can find such a space for yourself.

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