Monday, January 31, 2011


Years ago, my husband and I were searching for our first home. Having spent part of our children's childhood in the military, we wanted a place to call our own. One we could paint and decorate, with a real fenced in yard, and the kids could have their own bedroom! We found the perfect home and closed one month later - everything fell into place. It was Imbolc Eve.

That night after closing, we set up camping chairs in the den just so we could sit and take in the majesty of our new home. I made up special essential oil mixtures and we misted each room, claiming it as our own. We set out the brat Bride on the back porch, inviting Brigid to come and bless our new place. It was, and still is, a magical place for me.

The years have passed, the kids are grown (and still living at home...), but Imbolc is still a special time. A day to honor the patroness of our home.

 The brat Bríde

I repurposed a shawl I've had for years. Brigid's Mantle is now used exclusively for the healing properties she has endowed it with.

The cros Bríde

Brigid's cross made from  stalks of wheat. You have to soak them in the tub to make them pliable, but once made, the effect is lovely!

The Brídeóg

I made her from cornhusks I picked up at the dollar store. These have to be soaked as well. I dressed her in material I thought reflected the day, reds. blacks, fire. She lays in the bed I made for her.

The crios Bríde

Brigid's Girdle is typically made from straw, but I don't have any of that around, living in the suburbs. So I bought a hula hoop and wrapped it with red, white and black ribbon. We have fun stepping through it, the women top to bottom and the men through the side, all three times.

My altar to honor Brigid. Simple but nice. White tablecloth topped with a sheer, sparkly silver square. White candles.

There is more I would like to do, and will eventually. I try to add a new component each year, if I can. Irish food is always on the menu.

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